Invasive Plant Management Intern (PO-00734054)

You will assist biologists and natural resources managers, by conducting non-native invasive plant monitoring and control, and by performing invasive plant control (hand pulling). You will be performing data entry, data analysis, while conducting GPS mapping, GIS data management, and map production. You will also complete reports or other documents related to natural resource management projects. This position will include both office and outdoor work in hot/cold and wet environments. Field work will involve arduous hiking in steep, slippery or dense growth in all weather conditions. It will require physical exertion, including hiking over rough, off trail, terrain up to 15 miles per day carrying a 30-40 lb pack. Tasks will be performed in areas frequented by bears (training on how to handle bear encounters will be provided). This position will include some overnight hours and periodic backcountry camping trips for several days.  In addition, you will assist in leading youth and adult volunteers in habitat restoration. Other projects, such as trail impact monitoring and data entry, will also be part of your duties. 

Applicants should be comfortable around herbicide.

Compensation amounts:

  • $1,300 – one time RT travel allowance 
  • $350.00 – weekly living allowance
  • $1,200 – duty-related reimbursable travel
  • AmeriCorps eligibility ($1,718.25)

*All allowances are subject to applicable federal, state, and local taxes

Please provide a 1-2 page professional resume as an attachment to your SCA application. 

It is SCA's policy that all AmeriCorps-required background checks must return cleared prior to the position's start; this includes being fingerprinted for the FBI check. Otherwise, the AmeriCorps award will be removed or the position's start date will be delayed due to non-compliance.

*For SCA's COVID-19 guidance, please refer to  

Position ID: PO-00734054

Expected Dates: May 15, 2023 - September 1, 2023

411 Washington St
Seward, AK 99664

Training Provided: Training will be given in collecting and processing of Trimble GPS data, and bear safety techniques. There may be opportunities for First Aid and CPR.

Educational/Recreational Opportunities: Numerous recreational and educational opportunities are available. Seward boasts beautiful mountain ranges to be hiked and many areas for kayak exploration.

Handicap Accessible?: Yes

Main Area of Focus: Natural Resources Mgmt

Further Details

AmeriCorps Eligible: Eligible

Driving Logistics: Not needed

Housing or Stipend Provided?
A. Partner will provide suitable housing for the member

Housing may be in a shared apartment or a shared cabin.

Indoor/Outdoor: Combination

US Citizenship: Yes

Student Conservation Association