Death Valley Flood Recovery Team (PO-00735594)

Come join the Death Valley Flood Recovery Team at Death Valley National Park and get paid to thoroughly explore the Lower 48’s largest national park. In the late summer of 2022, flood waters ravished Death Valley’s usually dry landscape and caused extensive damage to its backcountry road network. This crew will focus on documenting unpaved road damage using geospatial technologies. This opportunity will directly impact the repair and future management of Death Valley’s recreation resources. The crew will generally work an 8 day on/ 6 day off work schedule and will spend most of their time working with handheld data collection devices. This will provide members the opportunity to experience the vast wilderness of Death Valley, while also giving them time to integrate into the Park Community.

Service Location Description:
In this below-sea-level basin, steady drought and record summer heat make Death Valley a land of extremes. Yet, each extreme has a striking contrast. Towering peaks are frosted with winter snow. Rare rainstorms bring vast fields of wildflowers. Lush oases harbor tiny fish and refuge for wildlife and humans. Despite its morbid name, a great diversity of life thrives in Death Valley. Death Valley is the largest U.S. National Park outside Alaska. Nearly 1,400 miles of paved and dirt roads provide access to locations both popular and remote. That wild country includes low valley floors crusted with barren salt flats, rugged mountains rising as much as 11,000 feet, deep and winding canyons, rolling sand dunes, and spring-fed oases.

Crew Dates & Location:
Dates:  November 27, 2023 – July 26, 2024
Members will begin the season by completing 2 weeks of Corps Member Training (CMT) at Death Valley National Park. Topics taught will include SCA history, risk management, community living, Wilderness First Aid, backcountry living techniques, GNSS Field Data Collection, ERSI Software systems, and off-road driving. 

Crew Member Duties:

  • Engage as a crew member to promote healthy group dynamics, and promote effective and productive teamwork
  • Work variable hours (long days and/or weekend), at remote locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain, in varying weather conditions, and under physically demanding circumstances.
  • Use technical equipment including Geospatial Data Collectors
  • Communicating in a professional manner with the public
  • Recording work totals and writen reports for submission to NPS partners
  • Promoting safety and maintaining conservation values/ethics
  • Additional miscellaneous tasks supporting project and team outcomes

Work Breakdown:

  • GIS data collection throughout Death Valley National Park(75%)
  • Data processing and written reports (15%)
  • Team building/Group dynamics (5%)
  • Other duties as assigned (5%)


  • At least 21 years of age and no older than 30 years of age by position start date
    • Veterans may be 35 by position start date
  • Desire to perform field data collection, and data cleaning, which includes parsing through spreadsheets for errors that were made in the field
  • Ability to work independently and think on your feet
  • Commitment to living and working within an intensive crew environment; interpersonal skills and community living experience are strongly desired
  • Commitment to service in working conditions that will include extreme temperatures, high winds, precipitation, and remote locations
  • Ability to hike up to 10 miles per day, unassisted, over rough terrain, in remote areas.
  • To be eligible to operate an SCA vehicle
    • Be a minimum of 21 years old at the position’s start,
    • Possess a current and valid driver’s license,
    • Have a minimum of 3 years of State authorized driving experience
    • Pass a comprehensive motor vehicle record check


  • Health Insurance
  • Living allowance of $350/week
  • 1200hour AmeriCorps award ($4546.50)
  • Housing provided for duration of program
  • Food provided while working in the field

Provided Trainings & Certifications:

  • SCA & NPS Orientations and Histories
  • ESRI Software Trainings – ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, ESRI Field Maps App
  • Teamwork, Leadership, and Conflict Resolution Skills Trainings
  • Wilderness First Aid & CPR (provided by Aerie Backcountry Medicine)
  • Federal Resume / USA Jobs Training

When not in the field, housing will be furnished by SCA in the town of Pahrump, NV. Pahrump, NV is perfectly situated half way between Death Valley and Las Vegas. It provides access to ample outdoor recreation pursuits, as well as, all of the convinces of modern life. While on hitch, crew members will be camped out in Death Valley’s backcountry.

Position ID: PO-00735594

Expected Dates: November 27, 2023 - July 26, 2024

Training Provided: SCA & NPS Orientations and Histories ESRI Software Trainings - ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, ESRI Field Maps App Teamwork, Leadership, and Conflict Resolution Skills Trainings. Wilderness First Aid & CPR (provided by Aerie Backcountry Medicine)

Handicap Accessible?: No

Main Area of Focus: Geographic Info Systems (GIS, includes GPS)

Further Details

AmeriCorps Eligible: Eligible

Driving Logistics: Recommended

To fully enjoy the landscape within and surrounding Death Valley National Park, a personal vehicle is recommended for days off since public transportation in the areas is quite limited.

Indoor/Outdoor: Combination

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