Curation Technician Interns (PO-00734448)

The Curation Technician Interns will be based at Death Valley National Park (DEVA), working alongside curatorial staff to manage artifacts and archival material specifically related to Manzanar National Historic Site (MANZ). MANZ, a 814 acre site located 115 miles from DEVA, was established to preserve the stories of the internment of nearly 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II; many museum items not on display at MANZ are stored at DEVA. While the successful candidate will work primarily in DEVA, the intern will be expected to travel to MANZ periodically to assist with curatorial projects and special events. 
Specific duties associated with this internship include but are not limited to:  
• Inventory collection items and write condition and/or treatment reports; 
• Label, catalog, and place items in storage; 
• Prepare and assist with the maintenance of curatorial records, including accession records, catalog records, donation forms, loan forms, inventories, and object lists; 
• Perform routine Integrated Pest Management (IPM) inspections, primarily for insects in collections storage spaces. Enter results into the DEVA IPM reporting software; 
 • Perform environmental monitoring of approximately 25 spaces using dataloggers and associated software. Analyze data and produce a short monthly report; and
• Preform routine research for catalog records, exhibits, and other purposes as assigned.
Additional duties may involve: 
• Assist MANZ staff with the execution of the Annual Manzanar Pilgrimage and programming; 
• Travel to MANZ for exhibit cleaning, preparation, and installation; 
• Assist with Community Archaeology Project conducted at MANZ; 
• Professional Development and shadowing opportunities in divisions of interest aside from Cultural Resources; 
Death Valley National Park is located in California and Nevada and boasts some of the hottest and driest climates, and lowest elevation in North America. The park includes a superlative desert of streaming sand dunes, snow-capped mountains, multicolored rock layers, water-fluted canyons and three million acres of wilderness. Death Valley is home to the Timbisha Shoshone people and to plants and animals unique to the harshest desert environment. The closest cities are Pahrump and Beatty, Nevada (both approximately 1 hour away). Las Vegas is a little over 2 hours away. Resources of the region include threatened and/or endangered species habitat, big game habitats, abandoned mine lands, and historic and prehistoric cultural sites.  

The town of Manzanar—the Spanish word for “apple orchard”—developed as an agricultural settlement beginning in 1910. Farmers grew apples, pears, peaches, potatoes, and alfalfa on several thousand acres surrounding the town. Although Manzanar is only 814 acres, it is surrounded by some of the largest tracts of public lands in the country. This allows nature to flourish. The Owens Valley lies at the western side of the Great Basin, the northern edge of the Mojave Desert, and the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Manzanar’s species represent all of these ecosystems, creating a unique and rich diversity of life.

$300/week living allowance
$1,000/month housing allowance
$1,100 travel allowance
$1,718 Americorps education award


Position ID: PO-00734448

Expected Dates: May 15, 2023 - August 31, 2023

5001 Hwy 395
Independence, CA 93526

Handicap Accessible?: No

Main Area of Focus: Cultural/Historical Resource Mgmt

Further Details

AmeriCorps Eligible: Eligible

Driving Logistics: Required

To get to and from work and shopping

Housing or Stipend Provided?
C.Partner will pay the SCA to provide housing allowance for the member.

Indoor/Outdoor: Inside

US Citizenship: Yes

Student Conservation Association