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Each year, SCA Recruiters meet with over 160,000 young people around the US to promote opportunities to serve with SCA. None of this would be possible without our strong relationships with faculty and administrators at colleges and universities. Our joint commitment to provide experiential learning and leadership and professional development to men and women just discovering their life path has provided thousands of young people with the opportunity to serve their country and impact that natural world.

On this page, we’ll highlight where we’ve been and ways that you, as professionals at colleges and universities, can continue and elevate that collaboration for the betterment of the young people we both serve.

We look forward to working with you over the coming year!

Best wishes,

SCA Recruiting Staff
Student Conservation Association

SCA Recruiting by the numbers

  • 160,000 young people reached by SCA Recruiters each year 
  • 150 schools visited by SCA Recruiters annually
  • 25,233 referral contacts on college and university campuses
  • 20,500 annual applicants to SCA
  • 788 colleges and universities placing students and alumni in SCA’s young adult programs


SCA has a strong commitment to changing the face of conservation leadership in the United States. 

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Recruiting Opportunities

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