Become Part of the Foundation of SCA

For almost sixty years, SCA has inspired America’s youth, giving them the tools to make their world—and ours—a better place. SCA provides the training, our agency partners provide the project, but it is our foundation partners who fuel the passion.

Every year, SCA members spend more than 1.5 million hours helping to conserve, protect and maintain our public green spaces, national parks as well as participating in a variety of urban conservation projects. These young participants develop skills that transcend the experience. They become community leaders, project initiators and corporate innovators.

SCA Turns Foundation Goals Into Action 

SCA focuses its expertise in a variety of areas that complement our foundation partners’ goals and objectives, including:

  • Workforce Development and Diversity:  SCA delivers a continuum of experiences that help young people build careers.  We work to create an inclusive conservation community. SCA provides dedicated training and work opportunities for veterans. (Read more about how SCA changes lives.)
  • A Nonpartisan Bridge for Public and Private Entities: Areas of collaboration include special events, workshops, trainings, public education and community outreach.
  • Thought Leadership: SCA members are trained as leaders, organizers, project planners, volunteer coordinators and motivators. 
  • Local Events and Days of Service: SCA creates turnkey events in communities nationwide with meaningful conservation outcomes. And we provide the online tools to drive engagement.


Join Us

Our partners are a Who’s Who of forward-thinking, environmentally conscious foundations that know the importance of empowering the next generation. The accomplishments and educational experiences of our young participants are the result of our partners’ investment in their potential to become future conservation leaders. We are grateful for their support, which is instrumental to our success. We invite you to join this distinguished list  of SCA partners. 

For more information about how to partner with SCA please contact Michael Healy, Senior Director of Foundation Relations, at [email protected].