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For almost sixty years, SCA has inspired America’s youth, giving them the tools to make their world—and ours—a better place. SCA provides the training, our agency partners provide the project, but it is our foundation partners who fuel the passion.

Every year, SCA members spend more than 1.5 million hours helping to conserve, protect and maintain our public green spaces, national parks as well as participating in a variety of urban conservation projects. These young participants develop skills that transcend the experience. They become community leaders, project initiators and corporate innovators.

SCA Turns Foundation Goals Into Action 

SCA focuses its expertise in a variety of areas that complement our foundation partners’ goals and objectives, including:

  • Workforce Development and Diversity:  SCA delivers a continuum of experiences that help young people build careers.  We work to create an inclusive conservation community. SCA provides dedicated training and work opportunities for veterans. (Read more about how SCA changes lives.)
  • A Nonpartisan Bridge for Public and Private Entities: Areas of collaboration include special events, workshops, trainings, public education and community outreach.
  • Thought Leadership: SCA members are trained as leaders, organizers, project planners, volunteer coordinators and motivators. 
  • Local Events and Days of Service: SCA creates turnkey events in communities nationwide with meaningful conservation outcomes. And we provide the online tools to drive engagement.


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Our partners are a Who’s Who of forward-thinking, environmentally conscious foundations that know the importance of empowering the next generation. The accomplishments and educational experiences of our young participants are the result of our partners’ investment in their potential to become future conservation leaders. We are grateful for their support, which is instrumental to our success. We invite you to join this distinguished list  of SCA partners. 


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Foundation Partners

American Eagle Outfitters

As a national sponsor of SCA, AE empowers college students from all over the country to take action to conserve our environment. As the initial sponsor of SCA’s Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program in spectacular locations like the Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree National Park, adventure-seeking volunteers make a difference while making memories that last a lifetime. College-aged students performed a range of projects from removing invasive species to repairing and building new trails. Through AE Better World, American Eagle Outfitters’ year-round philanthropy program, the SCA also conducts recruiting activities on nearly 150 college campuses and in high schools nationwide.

“At American Eagle Outfitters, our mantra is Live Your Life, and we believe the SCA helps young people do just that,” states Marcie Eberhart, director of the American Eagle Outfitters Foundation. “It is a powerful partnership with tremendous potential.”

In addition to ASB, hundreds of teenage volunteers in five U.S. cities helped revitalize urban parks nationwide. Sponsored by American Eagle Outfitters, and in partnership with SCA, the I Heart this City initiative debuted in Detroit, Houston, Pittsburgh, Seattle and Washington, DC. SCA members and participants from partnering community organizations and school groups engaged in projects ranging from building hiking trails to removing invasive species and cultivating urban farms.

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Mazda Foundation

Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation

SCA has worked with the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation for more than 15 years to provide conservation service learning opportunities to more than 25,000 youth in the DC region.

Elmina B. Sewall Foundation

Brown Foundation, Inc. of Houston

Kimball Foundation

Shell Foundation

The partnership between Shell and SCA has assisted both organizations to realize their common goals of youth development through environmental stewardship, community engagement, and continuing education during the summer months for youth in Houston and Colorado.  SCA’s mission is to prepare the next generation of conservation leaders aligns well with Shells environmental, educational, and community objectives for the regions.  The conservation service of SCA crews restores and improves critical ecosystems in the area and positively impacts local communities.  Leaving a positive impact on local communities is a priority goal for Shell.  Together, SCA and Shell can improve the quality of life for the residents of Houston and Colorado and prepare its youth for the jobs of tomorrow.

The Pittsburgh Foundation

SCA is deeply appreciative of The Pittsburgh Foundation’s support of SCA Community Programs, and is very grateful to receive a $75,000 grant from the Foundation to support SCA’s summer youth employment program. Offered in collaboration with the city’s PSYEP program, SCA crews will engage up to 72 low-income youth (ages 15-19) in paid conservation work and job readiness skills training.

As it has for many years, SCA will work with the Pittsburgh Department of Parks & Recreation and neighborhood associations in placing members in meaningul work projects in city parks, vacant lots, and green spaces. Sixty of them will build and maintain trails, remove invasive plants, revegetate natural areas, clean up trash and debris in parks and vacant lots, and improve picnic and recreation areas. A crew of 12 will install residential rain barrels as part of the Proect 15206 storm water runoff mitigation initiative.

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Shell will continue to support SCA Houston’s community conservation crew program. In partnership with Shell, SCA helps develop youth members as environmental stewards, while increasing their level of community engagement and providing opportunities for continued education in the summer in the fields of math and science. Participants engagement in conservation service improves critical ecosystems and positively impacts their local communities. SCA and Shell are preparing the next generation for conservation leadership in urban neighborhoos throughout Houston.

BP America

Summer jobs for under-served Chicago youth and young military veterans…ecological improvements to at-risk habitats, watersheds and city parks…free environmental education instruction and activities for hundreds of Chicago K-12th graders.  SCA has revealed some exciting news in the Windy City: with the first half of a two-year, $1 million grant from BP America, SCA is expanding service, career and leadership opportunities for Chicago youth and connecting thousands of school children to nature in a partnership Mayor Rahm Emanuel calls “inspiring and empowering.”  Along with BP, we’re teaming up with the Chicago Parks District, Cook County Forest Preserve, Friends of the Forest Preserves and Openlands to restore precious regional resources and advance the U.S. Interior Department’s 21st Century Conservation Service Corps, a national campaign to put America’s young people and returning veterans to work protecting, restoring and enhancing America’s great outdoors.

SCA Programs in Chicago | Chicago Community Crews

Boeing Company

SCA has been chosen by the Boeing Company to receive a $50,000 grant to support SCA Chicago's Community Programs. The award enhances SCA's ability to provide a continuum of programs offereing seasonal conservation employment, environmental education, youth development, and career pathway planning activities to more than 100 high school students and young adults. SCA is honored to have received this highly competitive award from Boeing.

Jacob and Charlotte Lehrman Foundation

SCA has worked with the Jacob and Charlotte Lehrman Foundation for more than 15 years to provide conservation service learning opportunities to more thatn 25,000 youth in the DC region.

PNC - New Jersey

PNC New Jersey supports community programs in Newark.

Colcom Foundation

SCA is very pleased and grateful to announce a grant of $100,000 from the Colcom Foundation in Pittsburgh ( to support SCA Community Programs and Sustainability Fellows in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. Colcom Foundation, which has environmental conservation and sustainability among its goals for western Pennsylvania, is a major supporter of SCA.

The EACH Foundation

The EACH Foundation supports SCA programs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Edward S. Moore Family Foundation

SCA has worked with the Edward S. Moore Family Foundation since 1998 to provide conservation service learning opportunities for youth in the New York Metropolitan area.

Campbell Soup Foundation

SCA has worked with the Campbell Soup Foundation to provide conservation service learning opportunities to youth in the Camden Metropolitan area.

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

The “You Have Our Trust” Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation is generously supporting SCA’s efforts to heighten its presence and expand its reach to more people and natural resource agencies both locally and regionally. Through enhanced marketing and recruting campaigns, SCA’s surrounding communities will gain exposure to the benefits to be derived from bringing youth and partners together for the good for the good of the environment and the region.

Victoria Foundation

Thank you to the Victoria Foundation for supporting high-school crews and a ConSERVE event in Newark, NJ.

Ernst & Gertrude Ticho Charitable Foundation

S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan supports participation by local high school students in need on SCA crews.

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

SCA is grateful to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for generously funding a total of ten SCA crew leaders over five years to support consrevation service in Virgin Islands National Park.

Mars Foundation

Thanks to the Mars Foundation for their recent generous gift to support programs in the Washington, DC metropolitan area region, and for partnering with SCA for over twenty years to provide conservation service learning opportunities to youth in the Washington, DC region.

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation supports innovative and creative approaches to advance sustainability and environmental protection in the Garden State. The Foundation works with SCA to create ecosystem resilience and environmentally healthy, sustainable communities in New Jersey; connect people to their natural world; and build an environmental ethic of care and responsibility. For more than 20 years, SCA has worked closely with the Foundation and local youth on projects in Newark, Camden, and parks across the state of New Jersey.

SCA works with the Dodge Foundation to preseve local parks and green spaces and increase accessibility to public lands thoughout the state of New Jersey. SCA connects high school youth to local communities and watersheds through hands-on restoration combined with with job readiness skills and meaningful summer employment while training them as the next generation of New Jerseys’ conservation stewards.

Cabot Family Charitable Trust

Established in 1942 by Godfrey L. Cabot, the Cabot Family Charitable Trust makes grant awards to nonprofit organizations working in the arts and culture, education and youth development, environment and conservation, health and human services, and for civic and public benefit.  The Trust is generously supporting SCA Boston, an innovative youth development opportunity that uses conservation service to deliver twenty-first-century skills and job-readiness training to diverse, under-served local youth.

Bullitt Foundation

Marisla Foundation

Grable Foundation

Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Harold Simmons Foundation

John and Marcia Goldman Foundation

Carruth Foundation, Inc.

Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation

Martin-Fabert Foundation

Robert M. Schiffman Foundation

Mars Foundation

The Birmingham Foundation

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

Wallace Genetic Foundation

Vidda Foundation - Michael Brewer Fund

Marathon Oil Company

Marathon Oil Corporation will support SCA programs in Houston

Campbell Soup Foundation

Campbell’s Soup Foundation will continue to support SCA programs in Camden. SCA will provide young Camden residents with hands-on training and opportunities to improve the quality of Camden parks and green spaces for the enjoyement of its residents and help the park agencies complete high-priority conservation service projects they would not otherwise have been able to accomplish.

SCA will engage up to 250 lcoal, diverse youth in year-round programming in Camden, including direct support summer community conservation crew program, and in the year-round program to complete nearly 3,000 hours of conservation service with land management agency partners.

Phillips 66

Phillips 66 will support SCA programs in the Houston area.

The Morningstar Foundation

SCA has worked with The Morningstar Foundation for more than 15 years to provide conversation service learning opportunities to more than 25,000 youth in the DC region.

The Alice Lawrence Foundation, Inc.

Thanks to The Alice Lawrence Foundation for their recent gift to support programs in the New York City region, and for partnering with SCA for years to provide conservation service learning opportunities to youth in the New York region.