Benefits of SCA

Hands-on Solutions with Tangible Outcomes

Put SCA to work. You’ll get a team of young people who are passionate about improving the world around them. These young SCA members want to save the planet right now, but they’ll also continue to care for our land long after their SCA engagement is complete. With the tools, training and opportunities to realize their full potential, every year SCA helps inspire the next generation of conservation leaders. 

Every year SCA members:

  • Contribute more than 1.5 million service hours

  • Map nearly 25,000 acres

  • Construct 1 million feet, nearly 190 miles, of new trail

  • Maintain more than 9.6 million feet, nearly 2,000 of existing trail

  • Build and restore over 300 visitor use structures, such as trailhead kiosks, tables, and benches

  • Plant vegetation on nearly 800 acres

  • Construct 425 square feet of garden beds, plant 1,629 square feet of produce, weed nearly 100,000 feet of gardens

  • Monitor over 1 million fish and animals

  • Remove trash and debris from nearly 120,000 acres


What Can SCA Do For You?

Collaborate with us. What do you want to accomplish? SCA can help.

Workforce Development and Diversity:  SCA delivers a continuum of experiences that help young people build careers.  We work to create an inclusive conservation community. SCA provides dedicated training and work opportunities for veterans. (Read more about how SCA changes lives.)

A Nonpartisan Bridge for Public and Private Entities: SCA works closely with government agencies and leverages business and philanthropy resources to maximize environmental and conservation focused results. There is one agenda: preserving our natural and cultural resources for future generations to enjoy.

Thought Leadership: SCA members are trained as leaders, organizers, project planners, resource managers, sustainable business leaders, volunteer coordinators and motivators.

Local Events and Days of Service: SCA creates turnkey events in communities nationwide with meaningful conservation outcomes. And we provide the online tools to drive engagement.


“Because of SCA, I truly understand for the first time that we are responsible for both the health and destruction of the world around us. My experience with SCA taught me how to take an idea like resource conservation and engage others to connect it to their own lives.”

— Jeff Chen, SCA alumnus, Yosemite National Park