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SCA Intern Alex Kirk uses an electro-shocker to stun non-native brook trout in the White River National Forest

This past summer I had the opportunity to work with fisheries biologist Matt Grove along with my two crew leads Mark and Graham in the heart of the Rocky Mountains within the White River National Forest. At the beginning of my internship, I heard foreshadowing stories from the guys about kill camp from years past; of invasive brook trout being euthanized, fish carcasses strewn about, days upon days of working in the rain, and bean and cheese burritos for lunch…every day for two weeks.

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Davon Goodwin, SCA Alum at work with the Veterans Fire Corps

Davon Goodwin had already made a range of contributions – and sacrifices – before he joined SCA. An Army veteran, he’d pulled extended tours of Iraq and Afghanistan; in the latter, an improvised explosive device fired shrapnel into his brain and shattered two vertebrae.  Davon says recovering from his wounds was nearly as daunting as recovering his focus.

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For the first Wildlife hitch, the crew consisted of Josephine Gingerich and Tyler Garrett.  This project is mostly active field biology on a range of species.  For our first hitch we headed to the town of Leadore, ID, population 105.  Originally a mining town (lead-ore), it is surrounded by vast sagebrush foothills, rife with wildflowers.  This is habitat for the Greater Sage-grouse, a bird species that is a candidate for Idaho’s endangered species list.  These birds have special locations whe

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