Shell Foundation

Shell Foundation

The partnership between Shell and SCA has assisted both organizations to realize their common goals of youth development through environmental stewardship, community engagement, and continuing education during the summer months for youth in Houston and Colorado.  SCA’s mission is to prepare the next generation of conservation leaders aligns well with Shells environmental, educational, and community objectives for the regions.  The conservation service of SCA crews restores and improves critical ecosystems in the area and positively impacts local communities.  Leaving a positive impact on local communities is a priority goal for Shell.  Together, SCA and Shell can improve the quality of life for the residents of Houston and Colorado and prepare its youth for the jobs of tomorrow.

Houston Community Crew at Work
Houston Community Crew at Work
Good News from a Shell Crew
Good News from a Shell Crew Dinosaur monument hosts student conservation crew
Shell Colorado Trail Crew
Shell Colorado Trail Crew Back Country