Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Protecting America’s natural resources and building a new generation of conservation leaders-those are the primary objectives of a dynamic partnership between the SCA and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

In 2012, DPS support enabled SCA interns in all 50 states to perform water conservation, native planting, waste reduction and recycling projects, and engage and educate more that 1.5million Americans in sustainable behaviors. Over the past two years, more that 4,000 young adults have safe gaurded our public lands while gaining meaningful work experience, all thanks to DPS’ generosity. Dr Peppar Snapple Group also joins SCA members in service projects throughout the country.

‘We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the Student Conservation Association,” says Tina Barry EVP of Corporate Affairs for Dr Pepper Snapple Group. “SCA’s hands-on approach to conservation strengthens our youth, our communities and our environment. The organization’s mission effectively aligns with our philanthropic priority of supporting environmental sustainability initiatives, and we look forward to working together to make more of an impact in the future.”

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Winter is on and so is Round 4 of the Conservation Caption Competition. Who’s going to win a prize pack of choice SCA goods? Whoever comments with the cleverest caption (as judged by caption quality evaluator, and Follow Me blogger, Danielle Thompson).Entries are due, either here or on Facebook, by Thursday at 5 PM EST.Special thanks to SCA national partner Dr.

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Bwahaha! Oh man. Too Funny.OK, so, Caption Quality Evaluator Dani Thompson has spoken, and Jamey Anderson is the winner of Conservation Caption Competition, Round 4.Why? “Because,” Dani says, “I’m glad to see the owl got what he deserved for being such a show-off in that commercial.”So… Jamey gets a prize in the owl gets his comeuppance. Good day.Click here for all the rules.

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It’s time! Time for the year’s last round of the Conservation Caption Competition, Winter 2012 Edition. Let’s end the year right with an absurd caption for this absurd photo.Entries are due, either here or on Facebook, by 5 PM EST on Friday.

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It’s time! Time to revive the Conservation Caption Competition! Spring is, after all, a season of renewal. To start things off, we have a pic from last month’s NPS Academy session in Grand Teton National Park. Quite an outfit, amiright?Comment with your cleverest caption by 5 PM EST Friday 4/5 either here or on Facebook.

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Is time, once more, for another round of the Conservation Caption Competition! For round two, we have a photo that you may recognize from SCA’s follow me blog, but only if your memory extends all the way back to 2011.

Comment, either here or on Facebook, with something cleverly resembling a caption by 5 PM EST Monday, 4/22.

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