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Conservation Through Collaboration

For more than six decades, the Student Conservation Association (SCA) has been the leading conservation partner of resource managers across America. We help our partners complete critical projects – from a single intern conducting wetlands surveys, to a trio of interp specialists leading nature walks, or a team of 10 restoring an ailing habitat.  

SCA’s talent pool is diverse, motivated, and highly qualified. Partners routinely report that SCA members exceed expectations while infusing their workplaces with new energy and renewed focus. Our robust and proven recruiting process identifies candidates with the skills and abilities that are specific to your positions and to meeting your particular conservation objectives.  

By partnering with SCA, you’ll help build the next generation of conservation leaders – and quite possibly discover your next hire. We place thousands of youth and young adults in team and individual placements in all 50 states and a range of U.S. territories – and it’s no coincidence that thousands of SCA alumni are employed on public lands from Kenai to Key West. 
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“Without the SCA interns, we would not be able to maintain our trails and cabins. They are a vital part of our program and are key to providing quality and safe recreation opportunities for the public.”


 Working Together. SCA and the US Forest Service join forces to mitigate wildfire dangers and boost the agency’s workforce development.

Explore and More. In Houston, SCA and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are introducing local youth to the great outdoors through a joint urban refuge initiative.

Restoring the Gulf. SCA is among the many corps working with NOAA, The Nature Conservancy, and others to care for oil-impacted shores.

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