Offset Your Carbon Emissions with Tree Planting

Create deep roots for your family and you by planting a tree within your community. The Student Conservation Association will show you tree planting best practices and key tips to grow healthy trees. You can make a difference by planting a tree this spring! 
To learn how to plant your tree, watch the video module below (originally created to celebrate Earth Day).

Why is planting a tree so important?

Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, helping reduce air pollution and improving the air quality for humans and many other species. Trees can also act as a natural water filtration system as well as support for soil retention. Additionally, trees provide vital habitat to local wildlife such as birds. With all the great things that trees can do, planting one to celebrate is a great way to create positive impact. 
You can celebrate Earth Day by planting tree in your own backyard or on pot at your patio. Share your story with us at #SCAEarthDay
Student Conservation Association