SCA Statement on Incident at Canyon de Chelly National Monument

REVISED – (Chinle, AZ) July 28, 2022 – The Student Conservation Association (SCA) has confirmed that on the afternoon of July 27th, a Student Conservation Association (SCA) crew leader accompanied by four crew members, drove a vehicle into the mouth of the Canyon de Chelly National Monument and...Read more

GulfCorps wants you! Local earn-and-learn program launches careers in conservation

Lagniappe Weekly

Mobile’s GulfCorps program is like boot camp … but for the environment.

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Wolf Administration Visits Outdoor Corps Youth Crew at Harrisburg's Reservoir Park

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Several members of the Wolf Administration visited with crew members of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Corps Youth Crew during its first week at Reservoir Park in Harrisburg. 
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SCA Announces SCA100K Ambassadors to Mark Major Milestone

(ARLINGTON, VA) April 18, 2022 — They include a retired professor of environmental studies and a 16-year-old high school junior, a sea turtle expert and a senior sustainability planner, a park ranger and a presidential historian.

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Madera Canyon Celebrates Trail Restoration

Green Valley News

During the pandemic, Madera Canyon saw a record number of visitors using the trails, especially the popular Old Baldy Trail.

It was already in need of restoration and the additional heavy traffic led to further erosion.

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SCA to Surpass 100,000 Service Members in Event-Filled 65th Year

(ARLINGTON, VA) April 6, 2022 —- The Student Conservation Association (SCA), the national leader in youth service and stewardship, announced today that it will reach an unprecedented milestone this summer when it places its 100,000th service member, and will commemorate the occasion with a year-...Read more

SCA Appoints Eboni Boadi as Vice President of Philanthropy

(ARLINGTON, VA) March 14, 2022 — The Student Conservation Association (SCA), a national leader in youth service and stewardship, today named Eboni Boadi as vice president of philanthropy.

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The Power of Not Giving Up: SCA Alumna Katrina Eddy

Lawn and Landscape

“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” This is one of my favorite quotes because I spent so much of my life second-guessing myself about everything.

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New Trail Would Keep Adirondacks Forever Wild

The Science Writer

The Adirondack Park just got bigger.

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SCA Names Toby Bokum-Fauth as Vice President of Partnership

(ARLINGTON, VA) January 11, 2022 —- The Student Conservation Association (SCA), a national leader in youth service and stewardship, has appointed Toby Bokum-Fauth as vice president of Partnership.

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