Video: Volunteers Clean Up Anacostia Park on MLK Day

Tom Sherwood
NBC News Washington DC
Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Volunteers at SCA's MLK Day of Service at Anacostia Park in Washington, DC

NBC4 Washington, DC covers SCA MLK Event in DC

What’s powerful enough to bring 600+ volunteers to a windy park in 20 degree weather to pick up trash on what’s supposed to be a day off work?

The idea that America’s urban communities need safe, inviting spaces to play outside if we’re ever going to realize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.

Watch 4 NBC Washington’s segment on our MLK Day project in DC’s Anacostia Park to see what it looks like when 600 people work together to improve a cherished community greenspace.

SCA’s Roland Richardson, the star of 4 NBC’s story, spoke at the event on how urban parks were his lifeline to nature during his childhood in DC. Click here to read the full text of his moving speech.