Students take “high road” to offer service

Ashe Mountain Times
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eight students from across the nation decided to take the proverbial "road less traveled" for the summer.

Students take “high road” to offer service

Originally published on Ashe Mountain Times Online.
Written by Jesse Campbell

While some high school students spend their summers at popular hangouts or anticipate the respite of academics at tourist-ladden beaches, eight students from across the nation decided to take the proverbial “road less traveled.”

It just so happened that those roads, particularly the Blue Ridge Parkway, were in need of some tender love and care.

For the past three weeks, students from as far away as Chicago and Vermont bonded through hard work and diligence by replacing deteriorating split rail fences that adorn the scenic route in Glendale Springs. They also helped to clear brush and beautify walking trails that intersect with the Parkway and provide tourists with breathtaking sights while stretching their legs after a long day of driving. The students are just a handful of youngsters from various walks of life who devoted weeks of their summer break to volunteer for the National Park Service through the Student Conservation Association.

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