Statement by SCA President & CEO Jaime Matyas on U. S. Withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

Friday, June 2, 2017
Statement by SCA President & CEO Jaime Matyas on U.S. Withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement
“The Student Conservation Association is disappointed in the decision to withdraw U.S. participation from the Paris Climate Accord. As an organization that, for sixty years, has devoted itself to strengthening our environment and instilling a lifelong conservation and stewardship ethic in tens of thousands of young people, we believe this decision undermines our responsibility as a global citizen.  
As an organization dedicated to building the pipeline for conservation careers we feel this decision discourages green economy jobs in our country and encourages those jobs to flourish in other countries that are choosing to embrace innovation and change – the future inevitably before us. 
SCA applauds our state, city and corporate partners who remain committed to a sustainable future, as do we. SCA will continue to do our part to prepare the next generation to lead the way to a sustainable future.”