Reasons to Give

Each year, more than 4,000 SCA members serve in the field with the support of generous donors. Through the SCA experience, young people build leadership skills, explore new career paths, and develop a lifelong connection to nature. They give back to preserve the environment in concrete and tangible ways, while also building connections to nature that make them lifelong stewards of our land. A donation to SCA not only preserves our natural and cultural heritage; it changes lives…and ensures we have a sustainable future for all.

While research may seem boring to many, it is fascinating to me to find new information that helps better tell the story of our country. I get such a thrill when I am able to piece together a new part of the puzzle, and this internship has allowed me to foster these skills and increase my knowledge base.
I will soon be headed to graduate school to work on my Public History degree. This position at here at Moores Creek National Battlefield has helped me determine exactly what I want to do with my life: interpretation.

Caitlin Butler
Historical Interpretation Intern,
Moores Creek National Battlefield, 2014

In Booker T. Washington’s autobiography, Up From Slavery, Washington chronicles his attempts to raise money for the newly established Tuskegee Institute. As expected, Washington struggled to gain support from many wealthy white Southerners. However, one generous donor surprised him by thanking Washington before Washington could thank him. The benefactor felt grateful towards Washington because Washington had given him the opportunity to support a worthy cause. So as I thank you for sponsoring me, I encourage you to thank and continue supporting and promoting the SCA; I promise I will too. The SCA has given both of us the opportunity to create lasting, positive change on Earth.

Callahan Mayer-Marks
National Crew Member,
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 2013

Thanks to my involvement in this program I have become passionate about bringing youth who reside in urban settings out into nature and outdoor spaces. I helped develop a curriculum for Spanish-speaking students who are newcomers to the city to help them explore the parks that are right in their backyards. I will use my AmeriCorps Education Award toward continuing my studies in multilingual/multicultural environmental education.

David Chang
Environmental Educator,
San Francisco Dept. of Recreation and Parks,

My time with SCA is one that I will remember forever. It has helped prepare me for the future: my next endeavor is to pursue a graduate degree in environmental management and then to spend my life devoted to environmental conservation and education. Thanks to this internship I feel confident in my abilities to take the next step in this field.

Dana Burke
Parks and Preserve Assistant,
SCA Hudson Valley Corps, 2010

Before this internship I had no idea what career my degree would take me into, but I am now driven and focused on becoming an archaeologist. When I left the forest to return to school I felt, as I still do now, that I had made a tangible difference. My contributions protected our nation’s heritage. Thank you for helping me to achieve as much as I did this summer. 

Kevin Marti
Archaeological Technician,
Manti-La Sal National Forest, 2012

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