Does the SCA have any positions in the off-season(fall/winter/spring)?

Yes! SCA has Project Leader positions that run year-round, as well as school-year positions for Community Leaders in select cities around the country. Check out our list of current openings. SCA also has professional development opportunities for Field Leaders including:


  • Leader Teams - Serve on a team with fellow SCA Field Leaders to complete important conservation projects.
  • Service Events - Represent the SCA by leading service events in communities around the country.
  • Trainings - American Canoe Association Instructor Trainings, WFR certifications, rock workshops, crosscut sharpening certification courses, and more are offered in the off-season for interested SCA Field Leaders.
  • Scholarships - SCA offers several scholarship opportunities to attend conferences and other courses to keep you moving forward in your conservation career.

Most professional development opportunities require that you have worked as an SCA Field Leader previously or have been a member on an SCA Corps program, so get crackin’! Contact [email protected] with any questions.