SCA Celebrates Women’s History Month

This week, SCA commemorates Women’s History Month by profiling some of our own whose legacies have changed our world forever.

Liz Putnam, SCA Founder

“Back then you heard, “You’re not thinking of having women as interns, are you?” Well… we did have women as interns in 1957 and many of them became park superintendents, and rangers and naturalists with the Service.”

Read her Burlington Free Press Interview »


SCA Alum and former Tennis Pro Leslie Allen at the New York Open

Leslie Allen

1970s SCA Alumna, 1980s Pro Tennis Star

“I liked the fact that, early on, SCA was committed to offering outdoor experiences to a diverse mix of people, and I loved the idea of other girls from all across the country working together toward common goal.”Read more

Marty Talbot, Scott Warthin, Liz Putnam discuss their work with SCA

Martha "Marty" Hayne Talbot

Co-founder, SCA

Marty Talbot’s conservation credentials are seemingly endless: she’s an award-winning biologist, an accomplished author, and her pioneering research has spanned more than 50 years and 60 countries. Marty is also co-founder of SCA.Read more

Dr. Donna Shaver

SCA 1980, Padre Island National Seashore

“It was the first time I saw the ocean or a sea turtle,” says Donna Shaver, recalling her SCA internship at Padre Island National Seashore nearly 35 years ago. “It changed my career and my life.”
Indeed, she’s been at Padre Island ever since. Dr. Shaver’s internship convinced her “to dedicate my career to helping recover dwindling sea turtle populations and study these animals. I have spent my working career doing so.”Read more

Ellen Tohn

SCA Yosemite, ‘76

After a decade of work related to environmental policy and earning a Masters of City Planning at MIT, Ellen started environmental consultancy Tohn Environmental Strategies.Read more

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