Earthsaver of the Month -- Meet Volunteers from around the Nation

This election season has Americans of all political stripes reexamining issues of leadership, character and values. We believe that SCA members represent some of the best in these areas, and that there’s no better time to showcase their contributions — and future potential — to strengthen our nation.

Every year thousands of young people serve the planet through SCA’s crew and internship programs, and even more pitch in through our one-day volunteer service events. In doing so, these young Americans are not only positively impacting public lands, they’re also preparing themselves to be the next generation of conservation leaders by leveraging hands-on experience and mentorship to gain the necessary knowledge and skills.

Leading up to the National Park Service’s Centennial this summer, we’ll be profiling a new batch of these inspiring young “Earthsavers” each month, for, as we celebrate the last 100 years, it is they who will do the work that will keep our parks safe and accessible for the Next 100 years.

Heidi Untener (right) and her family volunteering at SCA's Earth Day 2015 Event in Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, New York

“I serve the planet because I care about the world in which I live, appreciate the beauty in all its great and small things, and know that its resources are not unlimited.”