Every year, SCA provides training, tools and projects that place motivated teens and young adults in the field to effect changes great and small. How do we measure the effects? Sometimes its through decreased CO2 levels or by the tons of trash collected or in the number of trees planted. Our success is also measured by the lessons learned, the perspective gained and the lives we transform—today and into the future. Often when the SCA project is over, the success story is just beginning. Take a look at some of our most recent accomplishments.

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And the winner is…Colorado! This year’s fall photo contest was certainly a tough competition.

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Owl sitting on tree branch

From banding puffins for future monitoring to locating endangered sea turtle nests, SCA members work to preserve some of the most critically endangered and vulnerable wildlife populations and their habitats.

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Dark forest with trees bending and a full moon in the sky above

America’s National Parks have always been home to wildlife species, plants, water bodies, and natural wonders of many kinds. But these are not the only inhabitants of countless outdoor spaces across the country.

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Sign that says at work for the planet sitting outside next to rocks

In support of this year’s National Public Lands Day, SCA hosted a Day of Service at Riverview Park in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Two young SCA members with blue shirts on holding pitchforks in barn area

Some historic sites have a haunted history and are known to be frequented by spirits and unexplainable occurences.

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Last month, we shared some of the great conservation work SCA members completed at green spaces across the country during the summer season. So much was accomplished that we have even more to share this month. Here are four additional snapshots of what SCA members were up to!

1. Alaska...

Posted by Cecilia Aleman | Wednesday, August 17, 2022

From tree planting in Northwest Indiana's local parks to trail work in Vallejo, California, SCA members have been busy protecting public lands and greenspaces across the country. Here are four snapshots of the amazing conservation work accomplished.

1. Northwest Indiana

The Calumet Tree Conservation Corps is...

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Since its inception, SCA has provided opportunities for generations of young environmental stewards to step foot into our country’s national parks.

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Mud says I look like I have leprosy. Personally, I don’t think he quite understands what leprosy looks like, but even I have to admit, I look bad.

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Three people standing outside looking at plant

Two-time alum Elijah Pineda-Rodriguez is sharing his experience serving with SCA and the poem he was inspired to write after his time as an apprentice crew leader in Houston.

Howdy Everyone! My name is Elijah Pineda-Rodriguez and I was an apprentice crew leader this past summer with the SCA. I am eighteen...

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Clara Jessup is an SCA Bear Management Intern currently serving at Yosemite National Park. As destructive wildfires continue to blaze through many iconic landscapes in the west, we took some time to learn more about her experience at the park during the recent Washburn and Oak Fires.

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We were told we would be staying at a place called Trees for the Future, or something of the sort. Probably a cult-y little community up in the woods of Northern Wisconsin with eerie, half-there people who talk about how they have been “saved.” At least that is what we hoped. 

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Everything smelled of deet and peanut butter. 

The scent had worked its way into everything we owned and by that point, our PB&J consumption had become so high that I imagine our bodies were at least 1% Skippy.

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After several days of heavy rain, SCA bison intern Bennett Collins and others noticed last weekend that the Gardiner River on the north end of Yellowstone National Park was running higher than usual. Yet there seemed to be no reason for concern. That rapidly changed.

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I have fifteen mosquito bites on my face, twelve on my neck, and some weird red marks on my collarbone which may or may not mean I’m dying of iron poisoning. 

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Two people standing on trail with prescribed fire burning in background

Earlier this year, SCA placed prescribed fire crews with the U.S. Forest Service at Kisatchie National Forest (Louisiana) and Davy Crockett National Forest (Texas), and with The Nature Conservancy in Alabama and Florida.

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Throughout the summer, SCA will periodically feature the exploits of our Roving Resource Crew, serving the needs of the U.S. Forest Service. Here’s the team’s first entry, written by Leader Alexandria “Alex” Ness, a/k/a Slug.

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By Elyria Rose Little, SCA Alum and Alumni Council Secretary

Eighteen years ago, I was about to join my first SCA backcountry trail crew. This year, for Earth Day, I co-led a volunteer trail day in an ecological restoration project at Cleveland Metroparks, where I work on the Trails team. 

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At SCA, #EarthWeek reminds us of where conservation begins. It can be in nature, parks, or even your own backyard.⁣⁣

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During its second annual run, SCA’s Parks Pandemonium Tournament proved once again how much people love public lands.