SCA Alums gathered for a day of service on Governor's Island, NYC

SCA Alumni

If you’re like most of our participants, SCA is but one major step in your journey as a lifelong conservationist. Here you’ll find ways to connect with your fellow travelers, and inspiring stories and advice to keep you moving toward a healthier planet. 

SCA Alumni Yearbook

We’re building a yearbook and WE NEED YOUR HELP

SCA Members' Photos through the years

Remember that rec trip when you woke up to find a moose checking out your campsite from across the creek? Remember the supervisor who invited you on an epic owl survey during the very first week of your internship? Remember how real those friendships were, forged on the trail through hours of shared labor exhausting enough to make cold camp gado-gado seem like it’d been prepared by Anthony Bourdain himself?

Yes! Such experiences are not only too powerful to forget, but too powerful not to share. That’s why, with your help, we’re creating an online SCA Alumni Yearbook. Please use one of the three ways below to share your most memorable SCA stories and photos so we can gather them all in one place. 

The SCA Alumni Yearbook will strengthen the bonds between our coast-to-coast network of alums and inspire others to get involved through service and support. Share your stories to help us make it great!

Contribute to the Yearbook:

SCA Alumni: by the numbers

remain involved in
conservation or
environmental service.

use skills developed through SCA at work, school,
or through volunteerism.

recommend the SCA
experience to others.


Stay Connected

Facebook Alumni Group

The SCA Facebook Alumni Group, created in late 2015, is THE  place to connect with fellow SCA alums. Swap stories and photos from your time with SCA, share and discuss pressing conservation issues, post relevant news and events, find and plan alumni get-togethers, or just drop in and say “hi.” Know an alum who’s not a member yet? Add them! Join the FB Alumni Group

Alumni Events

Service Events

Join us for a single day volunteer project! Not only will you help accomplish some of SCA’s most important work—ensuring that America’s city-dwellers (yourself included) have access to safe, well-maintained parks and greenspaces— but you’ll also have a chance to connect with SCA staff and fellow alumni in your area.

Social Events

Volunteer service projects are a great excuse to hang, but they need not be the only one. Come out for gatherings where everyone in attendance has at least one thing in common: conservation is among their highest priorities.  SEE ALL UPCOMING EVENTS

Alumni Council

SCA Alumni Council members at their Annual DC meetup

The members of SCA’s Alumni Council come from all backgrounds, all areas of the country, and all of our various programs, ensuring a diversity of perspectives as they help guide our vision for SCA’s future. Head here to meet them, and keep an eye on our social media pages for a chance to apply yourself—we add new members every year! READ MORE ABOUT THE ALUMNI COUNCIL

Career Resources

Check out the career resources page for guidance on everything from getting started on to appearing imminently employable on social media. To inspire your search, you’ll also find illuminating examples of alumni who used SCA experience to jump start careers in conservation. SEE THE RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO SCA ALUM



Alumni Stories

In 2014, we surpassed 75,000 alumni serving with SCA since it’s founding in 1957. Many have generously shared their stories with us.

National Park Service Helicopter

Take Flight with the National Park Service

The National Park Service’s aviation branch helps find stranded hikers, manage fires, and conduct wildlife and vegetation surveys. To learn more, we met with Aviation Branch Chief (and SCA...Read more

Bureau of Land Management Employee

SCA All-Star: How Park Ranger Sarah Spragg Leveraged 3 SCA Internships Into her Dream Job

Sarah Spragg, park ranger for the Bureau of Land Management in Marina, California, sums up her job in five words: “Being available for the public.” In addition to her outreach duties, she also...Read more

Andy Webster is in the back row wearing a maroon shirt during his SCA/AmeriCorps program at Kenneth Dubuque State Forest

Bringing a Walden-Inspired Experience to Students in New York

Andy Webster is an SCA alum who completed the 10-month AmeriCorps program in Hawley, Massachusetts in 2001. We caught up with Andy this month to discuss how his SCA experience helped him find...Read more

Sara Brostrom

“Future generations have a right to experience the beauty of wilderness… it’s important that we work to actively protect it.”Read more

SCA & NPCA Networking Happy Hour in Washington, DC

On Wednesday, July 27th, SCA joined the National Parks Conservation Association for a joint networking happy hour.Read more

A Conversation with Dr. Donna Shaver, Saver of Sea Turtles

As a Centennial Volunteer Ambassador at Padre Island National Seashore, I’ve gotten to meet some pretty cool people. Recently I sat down with Dr. Donna Shaver, Chief of Sea Turtle Science...Read more