The Ripple Effect

Experiences that Last a Lifetime

SCA is an experience that creates lasting effects on the individuals who participate—as well as on the environment. SCA alumni leave engagements with knowledge, a greater sense of purpose, and a deep commitment to their communities and the world. SCA instills a sense of responsibility while providing training that translates throughout careers.  

SCA Alumni Continue to Make a Difference

Our most recent alumni survey demonstrates the influence SCA experiences create.

  • More than three quarters (78%) of employed alumni credit SCA with influencing where they are in their career five to ten years later.
  • Of employed alumni, 65% are in job that will improve sustainability for the future. 
  • A year after SCA, 87% of alumni feel a stronger connection to the natural world since SCA, and even five to ten years later the same percentage (86%) of alumni say that their SCA experience strengthened their connection to the natural world. 
  • Nearly all alumni (88%) spend time outdoors every week, by hiking, biking, visiting city parks, or spending time in green spaces. 
  • A year after their experience, 78% of all alumni across both youth and young adult programs have an increased interest in taking on responsibilities, 82% are more independent, and 89% are more able to adapt to challenges after SCA. 
  • At the end of their experience with SCA, 96% of members have gained skills that they expect to use in the future.
  • Five to ten years after SCA, 79% of alumni of all ages are working in some capacity, and 31% are in school or taking enrichment classes. Primarily between the ages of 26 and 34, these alumni speak of successes in their career and also plans for future growth in their field of interest. 91% have already earned an undergraduate degree or higher. Of those alumni who are taking classes, over half (58%) are taking graduate-level coursework. 37% have already earned a graduate degree.
  • Five to ten years after SCA, alumni are taking actions as stewards of communities. In the past year 49% of alumni have joined a community organization, 69% volunteered their time to a non-profit organization, 16% participated in a political meeting (21%), or served on a board of directors. Alumni are also taking leadership roles as community stewards, with 39% organizing volunteer activities at least once in the last year. 58% of alumni cite SCA as an influencing factor in their participation in their community. 
  • As they leave the field, 96% expect to continue to be active in conservation and environmental activities.

Follow-up surveys show that SCA alumni do continue to be active. A year after their position, 90% of alumni take actions at least once a week to reduce their ecological footprint. Even five to ten years after serving, alumni are continuing to act as conservation stewards. Alumni overwhelming recycle every day (81%), and nearly all alumni (96%) recycle at least once a week. Three-quarters of alumni (74%) use transportation other than a car, such as biking, a bus, or walking, at least once a week.