Photo Wall

Photographs from around SCA’s world — see the natural spaces around the nation we are working on, notable SCA members, staff and alumni making news and effecting change in their world. Join the Student Conservation Association as it helps transform young lives and save our most precious natural spaces.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle by SCA Intern Kayla Silva
Hudson Valley Corps Canyon de Chelly
Tagging a Peregrine falcon chick 2019 PA Outdoor Corps in Wellsboro, PA
Trail in Olympic National Park, photo by SCA crew 2014 Cara Burns, photo by John Slocum
Woodworking by Matt Gang, SCA Alumnus SCA Alum Riley Hays hiking in Denali National Park
View of the Hudson River from the Vanderbilt mansion, part of the FDR historic site
A park visitor uses an off-road wheelchair in Glacier National Park.
Why recycling is important and how to get started. SCA intern gathers data for USFWS. SCA alum Tyler Lau at Mount Katahdin. Bryce Canyon National Park SCA AmeriCorps Member Katie McGee
Fresh snow on the ground in Hawley, Massachusetts. SCA MA AmeriCorps Member Rachel Rothe Scenic view of beautiful sunset above the river at summer evening. 8 Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Year Hikers at Roxborough State Park in Colorado. Two scientists working in a greenhouse.
Find the best gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life. Environmental education intern with the SCA Hudson Valley Corps. Student Conservation Association All Women Crew at Indiana Dunes Emigrant National Historic Trail in Wyoming by Bob Wick, BLM. Ways to combine your passion for art and conservation! SCA intern Ashley Xu holding a pallid bat at Glen Canyon Recreation Area.
Fire at Yellowstone National Park in 1988 by Jeff Henry. SCA crew members work as a team. Volunteers in Chicago for the Earthkeepers Unite event. SCA Alum Samuel Merring at Stanislaus National Forest. Pixley State Park by Michael Christoferson
SCA Earth Day Volunteer Pulling Invasive Species in California Cattle on Kroll Waterfowl Production Area in North Dakota by Krista Lundgren, USFWS. Osprey Falls Trailhead at Yellowstone National Park by Jacob W. Frank, NPS Chaco Culture National Historic Park by Karen Blaha
Gulf Coast Katrina Recovery Intern Camp on Shi Shi Beach by Bre Jané SCA Interns Serving at Huron WMD in South Dakota
Brandywine Falls at Cuyahoga Valley National Park Hiker admiring the Tetons by Allyson McCarthy. 1969 Olympic National Park Crew
Protect oceans and marine life by reducing plastic waste and using reef safe sunblock. European Paper Wasp by Dan Mullen Yosemite Toad by Rick Kuyper, USFWS Bumblebees on a flower. Female brown-headed cowbird by Barry Cruver.
Lost Lake trail in Chugach National Forest in Alaska by Shanice Bailey Peter Winfrey Along the Dalton Highway in Northern Alaska Everglades National Park by Matthew Paulson
Bee Flying Near Lavender SCA Headed to the 2018 Vans Warped Tour Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area BLM

SCA Denali crew member Nichlos Gutowski and Boston Harbor Islands crew member Taylor Newkirk

5 Creative Ways to Get Outside During Great Outdoors Month
Ranger Alex Poole at Yellowstone National Park Ranger Karen Garthwait at Arches National Park by Andrew Kuhn Bobcat Wanders Through a Backyard in Washington
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Ranger Hat by Cynthia Mitchell Nest Monitoring with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Yosemite Toad by Rick Kuyper, USFWS National Park Service Rangers at the National Mall in DC National Park Service Helicopter
Bureau of Land Management Employee Two People Work Together to Plant a Tree in the Garden
Night Sky in Arizona at Coconino National Forest Andy Webster is in the back row wearing a maroon shirt during his SCA/AmeriCorps program at Kenneth Dubuque State Forest SCA Earth Month Volunteers at Metro Atlanta Urban Farm SCA interns snowshoe at Grand Teton National Park
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Park Rangers Liz Putnam, Student Conservation Association Founding President An elephant in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya