Zoe Bryant


I’m Zoe, 24, vegetarian who is loves the color green! I’m from the small state of New Jersey. However, I have seen far more than just the East Coast. I love to travel. I have worked internationally doing community service projects in New Zealand, Thailand, Ecuador, and Kenya. These projects included teaching elementary students English, building one room classrooms, and planting trees. My favorite project was monitoring elephant populations in Amboseli National Park, Kenya, Africa. Since high school I have always been passionate about saving the environment. I have participated in many projects including wildlife surveys, vegetation surveys, bird banding, GPS, and Geographic Information Systems Mapping (GIS). I love camping and hiking; however I am just as happy making money at a job in the outdoors. I am excited to work in the Mojave Desert because this project isn’t like any other project I have done in the past. I enjoy trying new things, and after this project I can cross California off my list. I am thrilled to be introduced to MOST of the wildlife in the desert. (SNAKES not so much) =/ I’m also wondering what unique recipes I can come up with in the middle of nowhere!