Young Alaskans Go To Work Outdoors


SCA Community Programs

Noa Otto is part of a group of 17-20 year olds that have enlisted with the Student Conservation Association for a summer internship. Right now they’re working on the University Lake trail, an Anchorage dog park that is surrounded by outlying bike trails.

“Today we are retreading trail, and then we’re focusing on putting gravel down on spots that are kind of hazardous with water,” says Otto. “And preventing people from walking on certain parts to help prevent erosion of the bank.”

“It’s a 10 week program. The first two weeks we camped out at APU and worked on trails at the Campbell tract. And now we have three weeks here working with the muni, and then we have a four week section of work where we’re in Spencer Glacier and we’ll actually be camping out there…”Continue Reading here.