You know you’re on hitch in Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness when…


1. Every sight around you belongs on a postcard.

2. You regularly become light-headed from laughing too much!

3. A 20,000 square foot plot of seeding Canada thistle and Hawkweed makes you feel at home.

4. Your largest crew member regularly breaks out in song.

5. It feels strange to walk a trail without a Duluth pack and canoe on your shoulders.

6. Paddling 10 miles around with 400lbs in your canoe is a regular occurrence.

7. It’s raining…

8. Dinner is backcountry lasagna with 53g of protein in every serving.

9. You share a house with bears, moose, wolves, and turtles.

10. Everyone around you is dressed to the nines on Friday.

11. Paddling in the pouring rain is a highlight of your hitch.

12. Trying to figure out the ingredients of Gordo’s Surprise (a mac and cheese “based” dish) is a sport.

13. You have a unicorn as your mascot.

14. Dance parties can occur at any moment…

15. Lying on rock just feels right.