A Year in Reflection


A few weeks ago as we were gearing up for the final stretch of Neighbor to Neighbor, we recounted some of our favorite memories from the last year. Most of them were reflections of our SCA days when we got out of the office. The fond memories included gallivanting through the Corn Maze together and going to the All Corps gathering. We also spoke nostalgically of the camping trip in Macedonia State Park near Kent Falls. Kevin highlighted the successful Glastonbury canvass he led with Clean Water canvass trainer Cassie.

Some of the in-office celebrations included our potlucks, Christmas Pun Day, ½ Christmas, and themed Fridays, especially pajama day where Kayla came into the office in her Hamtaro suit. Though we spent many long hours working in our communities, it was the moments we carved out to enjoy one another that gave us the strength to keep going. It was the sense of camaraderie and the support we gave one another that allowed us to function as a true team. We forged a strong identity together, one that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

In the spirit of lightheartedness, Jill had asked Kate to bring her hoola hoops so we could have a hoola hooping contest. This idea came to fruition based on Jill’s assumption that none of us could hoola hoop any better than she can (which is not very extensively). Kevin volunteered to go first and hoola hooped for 3 minutes straight! Since Jill relieves stress through physical exertion, we thought an LED, collapsible hoola hoop would be the perfect parting gift for our end of year 2 celebration. Her face lit up just as much as the hoola hoop when she opened it and it brought us all joy to see such joy radiate from her face. I’m sure this too will be added to our warm recollections of our time as the Clean Energy Corps.