Work Hard, Make Friends, Have Fun…Spring Break ’09!


asb 2009

By Ron Hassel

So the week’s over, and everyone’s starting to pack for the trip home. One would think that this ending would have a sad undertone, but the reality is that everyone is excited at about all they have accomplished. Here is a sampling:

  • Around 800 native plants salvaged
  • Thousands of invasive plants eradicated
  • Around 1,000 volunteer hours logged
  • Dozens of plant species learned
  • An inspirational sense of group synergy

The other night while everyone cleaned up from dinner, a group member pointed out how much he appreciated the unity that has developed. The group is fluid, and barriers are non-existent. Laughter, hard work, and their common passion for conservation have tied everyone together. So many group members have joked about staying for another week.

At first glance, the canyon was so vast, it seemed impossible to grasp. But once group members made a friend or two and hiked down a mile or two, they began to realize that the canyon has a personality, and that personality is a combination of everybody and everything.

Work hard, make friends, have fun…spring break ’09!

BJ saw a goat.

This is also the twelfth entry in our ongoing series, Photograph Fantastique, in which we count down 50 days until the Unofficial Official Start of High Season for conservation programs.