Wizard Hands


Yesterday we had our corps end of the year dinner, there’s still a week left of the program but since Neighbor to Neighbor is more than just SCA’s project, the corps wanted a day of just SCA fun. There will be more on fun day later, but the important part is we were all presented with Wizard body parts on strings to wear as necklaces. I know this sounds weird, and it is. Electronic light-up wizards have been a fixture in the office since year 1 (they have been around longer than me) and seem to come in and out of view, popping up when the corps needs some comic relief.

In CT we are lucky enough to have a great project coordinator, and one that hates electronic wizards. Jill dismantled one of these guys, strung their body parts on orange yarn (some were pretty graphic, one was just the eyes), and handed them out to wear as jewelry. There were really nice meanings behind all of these body parts, symbolizing what we as individuals brought to the team. I’ll save you the mushy details but it was one of our better moments as a team. It was a pretty ridiculous scene, and one I will remember for a while, plus I am happy to say I received the hand that holds the crystal ball and it looks pretty darn awesome! Now when I think about the CT Corps I think of us all as crazy wizard parts and the great things each bring to the group, and when you put all these parts together it makes something pretty magical.