Winning Photos: Capture Conservation, Summer/Fall 2016


We think you’ll agree, these winning contest entries are beyond inspiring…

Thank you to all who participated in the Capture Conservation Photo Contest this summer and fall! Our goal was to gather nature photos that would inspire people to get out and enjoy America’s amazing public lands, and also remind them why they’re worth working so hard to protect. Your thousands of entries blew the roof off that goal, and for that we are so, so grateful.

Now that the contest has wrapped, it’s time to declare the winners. It was a tough choice with so many entries of such amazing quality, but we think you’ll agree, the photos below deserve to be celebrated.

1st prize: Stephens Gap Cave by Leah Parker

Repelling into Stephens Gap Cave in Alabama for a day of spelunking. This photo won 1st prize in the Summer 2016 Capture Conservation Photo Contest.

2nd Prize: California Condor by Madison Roberts

An endangered California condor spreads its wings at Zion National Park. This shot won 2nd prize in the Capture Conservation Photo Contest.

3rd Prize: Grey Wolf in Amalik Bay by David Kopshever

A grey wolf forages in Amalik Bay, part of Katmai National Park in Alaska. This photo won 3rd prize in the Capture Conservation Photo Contest.

#Next100SCA Prize for Best National Park Photo: Momma Bear by Nathanael Asaro

A mother bear rests on a rock at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks again to everyone who entered!

Student Conservation Association