WINNERS: Capture Conservation Photo Contest, Spring 2016


With so may spectacular entries to choose from, it was tough, but we somehow managed to choose a winner and 2 runners up for the Spring 2016 Capture Conservation Photo Contest. 


Grand Prize: Castle View by Jon Leibowitz

“Just as we bolted to get over the crest of Storm Pass (near Gunnison, Colorado), the hail started coming down, the elk scattered, and lightning started cracking all around us. We ran full speed over Storm Pass and dropped into the valley below for our first view of the Castles. The storm briefly parted long enough to snap this photo of my friend looking in awe of the view, hail still lining the trail. We spent the next couple of hours soaking, drinking hot tea and warming up under some pine trees.”

2nd Prize: Bright Nights Under the Stars by Diego Quinonez

“This was my first time attempt to try astrophotography on a family camping trip at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. As well as taking a few months beforehand self teaching myself through videos, books, and online articles to take this photograph.”

3rd Prize: Picture Rocks Park by Sandra Rust

“Sunset at Picture Rocks Park, Tucson, Arizona.”

People’s Choice: The Wandering Waxwing by John Truong

As we were heading back to our vans after a long day of birding in my Field Ornithology course I looked up to see a solo Cedar Waxwing perched on a snag. It was the first time I had ever seen one outside of photos. Luckily, I instinctively used my camera to get a closer look and was able to pull off this shot.”

Instagram Mini-Contest Winners:

Wrangell St Elias National Park, Alaska by Lydia Atchley


A photo posted by Lydia Atchley (@leatchley) on

Ruth Glacier, Denali National Park, Alaska by Emily Sullivan


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Thanks to all who joined in sharing your most inspiring nature photos! Be on the lookout for the next round of Capture Conservation this summer!


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