Willing to forgo status quo and pursue passion


SCA Program Manager Alycia Chuney profiled

As a new generation coming of age, millennials are considered more global, more tolerant, more diverse, more educated and more connected than any generation before them. They are defined by their willingness to forgo the status quo and pursue their passions — like working for the Student Conservation Association.

Despite $100,000 in college debt to pursue her education, Alycia Chuney, a program manager of the SCA in Detroit, is perfectly happy being a part of something that she feels is bigger than herself.

“I work in a field that is helping me pursue a dream. Someday I would actually like to be running my own nonprofit here in the city of Detroit, teaching youth about the importance of the environment,” she said. “I would also like to teach them about not only the importance of the environment but the importance of social and food justice and the importance of college education.”

SCA is an Arlington, Va.-based nonprofit whose mission is to inspire environmental and community stewardship and build the next generation of conservation leaders.

For Chuney, 25, whether it’s helping Detroit high school students twice a week through the Midnight Golf Program or supervising a group of high school students with the construction of a mountain bike trail in an inner-city park — service is a passion.

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