Wilderness Risk Management Conference (WRMC)


Durham, North Carolina, October 14 – 16, 2009

October 14-16, 2009, Durham, North Carolina — Register Now

SCA is proud to be a co-sponsor of the 16th annual Wilderness Risk Managers Conference, to be held in Durham, North Carolina October 14 – 16, 2009. The educational agenda for this year’s conference was the result of a collaborative effort of the newly formed WRMC Steering Committee, and is an opportunity for field leaders, outdoor program administrators, and land managers to share best practices.

The conference represents a consortium of wilderness education groups and land managers working towards clarification and better understanding of risks in wilderness education. This year will be the eleventh year SCA has cosponsored The Wilderness Risk Managers Conference. Jay Satz, SCA Vice President for Western Initiatives, has served on the committee for 13 years, and Mark Vermeal, SCA’s Director of Risk Management and Safety, has been on the committee for 2 years.

This year’s conference features presentations and pre-conference workshops by many SCA staff and colleagues with direct connections to SCA including:

  • Jill Baum, SCA Western Assistant Director for Corps programs and Dave McEvoy, Director of Aerie Backcountry Medicine (SCA’s preferred wilderness medicine instruction provider); Pre-conference workshop, Risk Management for Conservation/Service Corps
  • Mark Vermeal; Medication Management of Adolescents in the Field
  • Jay Satz and Jed Williamson, member of SCA’s Risk Management Subcommittee; Conducting Internal and External Incident Reviews
  • Nancy Oswald, Assistant Director, SCA Community Programs and Rebecca Bear, REI Outdoor School Manager; Urban Outdoor Program Risk Management
  • Jay Satz and Sarah Newman, National Park Service; Common Problems, Uncommon Solutions: The Land Managers and Users Perspectives
  • Reb Gregg, Chair of SCA’s Risk Management Subcommittee, Emerging Legal Issues for Adventure Programs; Legal Implications of Prescription Drugs in the Wilderness and Ask the Lawyers
  • Bob Birkby, long-time SCA crew leader; Keynote Speaker, There Are Lions Out There: Managing Risk Management in the Age of Challenge

You Can’t Afford to Miss This!

The Wilderness Risk Management Conference is brought to you by:

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