Wilderness Ranger Corps – Hitch Two


After starting things out with a bang in Hitch One by gazing at the massive glaciers of Mt. Rainier admists puffy clouds, watching water come crashing down from twin waterfalls in the Boulder River wilderness and catching massive peaks reflect in the crystal clear waters of Goat Lake, it was hard to imagine that things could get much better. The first hitch appears now to be only the appetizer in a six-course feast of natural wonders that is the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Wilderness. Hitch Two took us to spectacular places and gave us the perspectival views that we were missing in the valleys and rivers during Hitch One. Covering over 70 miles of trails, most of which scurried along ridges near and above 4000 ft., we enjoyed massive views of Rainier, Glacier Peak and occasional glimpses of Mt. Baker. We surveyed some of the legendary Pacific Crest Trail as well as the North Fork Skykomish, Pass Creek, West Cady Ridge, Bald Eagle Trail, Meadow Creek, Blanca Lake, Johnson Ridge, Evergreen Mountain Lookout, Eagle Lake, Pear Lake, Fortune Ponds, Lake Valhalla, Quartz Creek Trail, and Joan Lake. These trails traversed the Wild Sky, Henry M. Jackson and Glacier Peak Wildernesses. We based oursevles out of the Skykomish Ranger District and primarily camped, when we weren’t out backpacking, along the Beckler River. While the sights are becoming more spectacular, the crew grows closer and the miles miles get more challenging and more fun. We all are looking forward to heading up to Mt. Baker District as we prepare for Hitch Three.     -Sarah