Wilderness First Responder Training


For a week and a half we were enrolled in a Wilderness First Responder/CPR course. Throughout the course, we went through many different scenarios and patient assessments. We hope to never have to use CPR on anyone in the future; however we appreciate the experience and knowledge in case such a situation arises.

The CPR course was short and sweet. Our instructor, Aerie Wilderness Medicine’s Eagle Cruz, brought in some dummies used for practicing CPR. These dummies really helped with gaining “hands-on” experience. For our actual CPR test, we had to complete three sets of compressions each. If the patient wasn’t responsive, we then had to call for help and pretend to use an AED (Automated External Difribulator).

For the Wilderness First Responder class, we were put through a series of different scenarios each supported by a number of medical lectures. For example, one of these scenarios included Aron being trapped under the front of a car because he was hit by a drunk driver, played by Angel. The other six of us had to help them and give full patient assessments as if it was genuine. After each scenario, we would debrief the situation and discuss what we did well and what we can improve.

During another scenario, we had to remove a badly injured AJ from under three different sets of bushes. We needed to take him out as slowly and as carefully as possible to avoid further injury. When we got him out, we then had to “beam” AJ and take him to a safe location. Beaming is having three to four people on each side of the patient and using our arms as a backboard. This can only be accomplished by using clear communication and teamwork.

We’d like to thank you for taking time to read this. We all appreciate your interest in our program. Now we are all certified Wilderness First Responders and CPR providers. Just remember to be safe and stay hydrated!