The Wild vs. Civilization


Image 1: Hiking Static Peak, Elevation 11,303 feet

The wild that we always see in movies and in parks is very different from the human lifestyle, from civilization. Most of the people in the US do not live by the wild, and have no knowledge in how to survive or deal with it. Cities are opposite from nature settings, they have technology, pollution, loads of people, and infrastructure.

Hiking Bunsen Peak in Yellowstone, here I decided to be a monkey and climb an old tree.

My personal experience has been interesting. I have lived in towns for most of my life, but it was still not the wild. Throughout life, I got accustomed to technology, I’m a tech person. I like making videos, taking pictures, going on YouTube a lot, going on Facebook, learning from the internet, following memes, etc. As well as going out to dancing clubs, theatres, bowling alleys, or local organizations that may only be available in cities or towns. The answer to all this…habit. Everything is followed by habit, or tradition. People get used to stuff, get used to calling a place home, get used to eating certain food, or get used to just certain friends. And all this tradition gets missed when it’s removed for a while. Points is, many people right now that work as employees in the park are probably missing their home and civilization, even if they love it here.

Early in the morning catching some good shots of the Tetons

The wild is a different thing, it is…peace, originality, beauty, nature, fun, exploration, DISCOVERY! Nature is so awesome! The way I appreciate it is by: its beauty for my photography and for its outdoor activities it offers. The wild is very different from human civilization. The reason for this is because we people…don’t quite fit in nature, we have our own world of advanced technological development. We have cars, televisions, computers, rockets, MUSIC! The wild is a place for survival of the fittest, for evolution, geological activity, adaption, and much more detailed biological processes that we never think of. It is so interesting. Look at it this way, our babies are super weak during childhood and have to reach a certain age until full maturity; on the other side, a bear cub may be able to find its food on its own and start killing at an early age. Living in our wild parks is a thrilling adventure. We have our own ways of adaption: bear sprays, backpacks with food, tents and sleeping bags for housing, and GPS devices for self location.

Canoeing in Colter Bay

As of now, I do miss fast internet where I follow top YouTubers and watch Netflix. At the same time, I will definitely miss Grand Teton National where I can do my hiking, climbing, biking, canoeing, and photography of sweet wildlife and nature. Both sides are great, for some it may be more favorable for urban people; others are just wild humans capable of living on their own farming living by big carnivores. Probably 95 percent of the people have urban lifestyles; I might be a bit like that, but I’m in training to heading to have a little of the wild lifestyle.

In Training for Mountain Safety with Exum…because we have no snow in Texas

I head back to college in about 2 weeks, and trust me, I might be looking for bears around me just because I got used to it. Well, my situation might be similar though. As a biker, I’ve gotten accustomed in being alert of crazy drivers. It’s crazy up there for college fish who barely know how to bike and get out there in town or with people traffic. So as you can see, being alert in life is part of a lifestyle, whether in the wild or urban areas. Both areas have their dangers and their areas of bliss, it is a changing world, and we adapt as time takes us through it. But I do want to recommend one thing, urban life is not everything, life in the wild is such a big world of science and beauty waiting for us to discover and explore.

I like making videos of my experiences where ever I go. I kind of follow the GoPro video styles, sports action moves with crazy upbeat music (probably because I like dancing to it). I enjoyed making this video and did my best. Hopefully you like it!