What was your favorite part about surveying?


What has been your favorite part about surveying?


My favorite part of the job was getting to doing weekly conservation work. I wanted to get involved in helped our environment since I was in middle school. I wanted to do more things to help not just the environment, but also myself and my friends. I haven’t been involved in any community work much in my hometown. With the program, I would be able to do more with how to conserve energy, manage waste, and be more involved with my community.


First, my favorite part of the job would probably be interacting with the diversity of people you come across and interview on a day to day basis. I loved how some days I would hear stories of the older people where they traveled across the country, the state, or just about how great of an experience they had. Coming out to Mississippi from California brought the thought of the common stereotype that these people had out here. I was able to look past that and was pleasantly reassured that these people for the most part, were very kind, talkative, and open to offering a hand in anything we might need. Not to mention the southern hospitality, this is a true stereotype of southern people.


My favorite art of the job has probably been getting the opportunity to work with the public and get a better understanding of how to deal with different situations that may arise while dealing with the public.  With my major being in Wildlife Biology I have to deal with the public 90 percent of the time and therefore a job in which where I am working out and talking to people every day really helps learn how to handle different people with different moods.  This job has definitely given me that aspect that will help later in my career and will hopefully give me an advantage over other people who are not as well suited to dealing with the public.


I would say my favorite part of my job would be meeting and talking to different people at the sites that I was surveying at because it helped me come out of my shell a little. Another favorite part of the job would be driving the vehicles to the sites because I love to drive cars. I also enjoyed cooking while being hitch leader because I got a chance to bring a little of my home to others as well the south. Also being able to hang out after work and just being me. The most favorite part of my job would be having morning shifts because I would get the job out of the way.


My favorite part of the ACE VUS job this summer season was working in an environment that gave me the opportunity to recreate. It was also very interesting hearing all the different stories from the visitors, especially those from visitors who have been coming to the lakes for several years. Many days were very busy with continual surveying throughout the survey period. Other days were very slow with minimal visitor activity. I was then able to bird watch, identifying and logging numerous species which I had yet to encounter in the wild. My goal was to view one hundred species before the end of the season. I reached close to fifty and was happy to see new birds. I was also able to read good books when I had free time. The early morning survey periods were typically slow and I could read several chapters. My favorite read was Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson, very humorous and insightful. In between survey periods, we had a ninety-five minute break, and I used this time for jogging on the fitness or nature trails. I enjoyed getting regular exercise in a recreational environment. Keeping my mind and body active and occupied was very beneficial to my health and well-being.