What was your favorite conservation project this season?


What was your favorite conservation project this season?

Brendan: My favorite conservation project was the trash pickup at Paradise Point in Sardis Lake. Every time I go to survey that spot, trash is all over that place and make it unsafe to go swimming. So I contacted the ranger to set up a trash pickup and they had us come right away. We got the trash bags and picked up the trash starting from the shoreline all the way to the parking lot. That was how much trash there was.


Now my favorite conservation project was probably working the Clear Creek Nature Trail at Sardis. It was a rewarding experience that had the swampy bayou atmosphere. Everything about it was awesome. Much different than what I am used to by a long shot. The trail was generally a jungle and we could see our improvement to the trail right away. As great as it was, the Army Corp Rangers were equally as pleasant. When we would get tired of working they would offer their smart-alec comments and that would give me a good laugh and help me get through the very humid day. The cherry on top was the tour of Sardis Lake by boat after the trail was finished being cleaned. The sights I saw were unlike anything I had seen before and I loved every second of it.


My favorite conservation project was the playground restoration project we did at Enid Lake at Hickory Ridge.  The reason I liked this project so much is because I enjoyed working with Corps employees and got to be friends with a few of them.  The work was hard at times and it got pretty hot, but the results showed for themselves and I was very proud of what we did as a group and thought that everything ran smoothly.  This was also the first project that our new member Frankie got to participate in and I learned that he was a good guy and would be fun to work with.


My favorite conservation project was the Hickory Ridge playground improvement at Enid Lake. The area was in rather sad shape and certainly in need of grooming. This project had been on the Army Corps to do list for quite some time; they were very pleased that we made the suggestion and took the initiative to assist them in completing this task. The work involved installing new wooden borders for the walkways to the playground equipment, laying down fresh sand, and leveling it to make a desirable walking and playing surface. Upon completion of the work the playground looked great. The improvements to the playground gave us a sense of achievement and accomplishment in knowing that our work will be appreciated and enjoyed by lake visitors for years to come.


My favorite conservation project would have to be doing the playground at Hickory Ridge at Enid Lake. We had helped a few rangers rebuild a playground for the kids that come to the playground. The reason this conservation day was my favorite because it was for the kids and I must say that I enjoy doing things for kids not only because I have nieces and nephews but I know how kids mind work. Although my arms was sore and I was tired I did not mind because I knew what I did it was for a purpose. Just doing something good for the kids and being able to see them have fun on a playground that I helped rebuild that’s all I needed.