What do horses and solar panels have in common?


Answer: There are lots of both in Bethany, Connecticut!

As a part of the CT Clean Energy Corps, we are each responsible for two towns in the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge. I was the lucky recipient of the smallest town in the challenge, Bethany. Before I started work in town the most common thing I heard about it was that Bethany was known for having more horses than people (there is a very good chance this is true). What I didn’t find out until later however, was that in addition to horses Bethany also produces an incredible amount of solar power!

Connecticut has some very innovative programs, like CT Clean Energy Options, that allow towns to receive solar panels at no cost to residents. Bethany has done an amazing job at taking advantage of this, and has outfitted many of their municipal buildings, like the fire department, town hall, and the elementary school.

In December I worked with my organizer and task force in town to create a video to highlight some of Bethany’s achievements and their continual commitment to reducing their energy use. Check out the finished project below and see how a small town can create a big change!