WFA, LNT, Three Letter TLA’s, Oh My!


Our second week began with being introduced to Ryan from Aerie Backcountry Medicine. He taught us how to apply our first aid training in all types of situations. We learned to hold c-spine, splints, all the way to buddy carrying the injured out of harms way. With our CPR and Wilderness First Aid certifications we were well on our way to being prepared for our LNT trip. We furthered out team building in the Superstition Wilderness of the Tonto National Forest. On our five mile hike and overnight we learned about leave no trace and map navigation. For many of us this was our first backcountry experience. We also learned and taught each other about the seven components of leave no trace. We could see first hand the impact we made and the impact of other previous visitors. The Wolfpack roamed the desert with an eagerness to learn and experience all the Superstitions had to offer. All in all it was a successful LNT trip. The new hit single from Brown Is In The Dirt came forth from this trip. The new chart topper is called “Shake Your Bean Spoon”. Till next week!