Wethersfield Businesses and Weston Seniors


This month started out kind of slow and has gradually become more and more hectic.

I had a workshop in Weston at the beginning of the month, which had been keeping me busy, and despite the poor attendance it was still a relatively successful event. Everybody that attended signed up for HES and Lighting except for one guy who left before the presentation was over. Now we’re beginning to plan our next workshop, which is a Home Energy Solutions Income Eligible (HES-IE) program at the Senior Center in the middle of March.

Last week I gave a presentation to the Wethersfield Chamber of Commerce. It was pretty great! I handed out a mid-term report for the program that I had spent literally days creating and the council seemed really receptive. I’ve gotten emails from a few of them asking about how they can get more involved and spread the word to the rest of the town. Jess and I have begun our business strategy. We reached out to many local business owners at a Business After Hours (BAH) event that was hosted by the Wethersfield Chamber of Commerce last week. We had a lot of really great response and we’re looking forward to a successful campaign. Now we just have to stop getting waylaid by random customers and weather events and get to business (heh heh)!

Today was another service day with the Hartford Habitat for Humanity. It was pretty great except that we closed up shop early due to the weather. I’m sure there is more to come in a group post about this.