We’re not in Kansas anymore


Our time here in Kansas is over, and we are all departing our separate ways. Some of us have decided to continue serving the SCA, while others have decided to enter graduate school. Looking back at our experience in Kansas the duration seemed so short. We have learned so much about each member by living together and we developed bonds that will last a lifetime.

Please find attached the final report for our, and all the other ACE VUS teams.

The preconceived idea of what to expect while in Kansas was abruptly shattered. When we arrived we were shocked by the landscape, we had expected a flat wheat field ridden area. Some of us were fearful of abundant tornadoes, but due to an unusual drought, we escaped any significant severe storm. We knew that it would be hot, and again due to unusual weather patterns, we were unprepared for the intensity and duration of the heat.

While on Army Corps land, we were able to enjoy many sunrises and sunsets at our work sites. The Army Corps staff was friendly and always helped when the opportunity presented itself. They were very grateful for the volunteer work we offered and tried to utilize us on all of their significant projects. The members learned much from the conservation projects and from the Army Corps staff.