Week Unknown by Annie Washakowski (July 9-12th)


This week was a busy week for the Indiana Dunes Team 2. Our new team
member, Wakana, experienced her first ten-hour work day in the field
and completed the 40-hour work week in the field with a smile on her
face. No more 100 degree days this week; the temperature cooled off to
high 80’s and low 90’s which really made a difference! This week we
continued working in the Great Marsh; we began the week by having a
few group members herbicide spray while the others planted and ended
the week with two full days of herbicide spraying. We planted 2,850
plants of Carex stricta and Scirpus validus in only two days! On
Thursday both Indiana Dunes teams toured the seed company, Cardno
JF-New, which is the company where we receive our flats of plants to
be planted in the wetland.