Week of July 9th- July 12th


On July 9th, was the Forest Service living quarters beautification. For this we bucked and moved piles into firewood size to a near by campground, for the campers to burn. We also tore down and scattered several slash piles that were surrounding there own houses, that if burnt would have allowed fire brands to go into there living compound and set structures on fire. On the 10th corps-member Ben went to the air station that has the responsibility, of being the main airbase for air tankers, and helicopters, to learn about the capabilities of certain air assets, and how the mixture we call slurry or fire retardant was mixed. While Ben was doing this the rest of the crew was starting a project working with the recreation folks falling hazard trees along the Doe Creek trail, there was a chain on each side of dead trees to be fell, and the crew was involved in falling close to a hundred trees that first day, as either spotters, swampers, or actually falling. On the next day Ben tied back in with the crew and the whole crew continued to work with the trail crews until Friday the 12th, each day being involved in falling fifty plus trees.