Week of July 21-July 27


On Sunday July 21, the crew tied back in with the fire personal, Sundays is the districts training day for fire, and we had the chance to get hands on experience with both the Mark 3 pump, and floatation pumps, after this we went over engines, the district has two type six engines and we went over both of there pumps, and got to practice drafting (filling the tank from a natural or manmade body of water.) Once we finished drafting, we tested the pressure of the engines, and then had a mock fire, where we went over how to utilize the engines and practiced using them to put out mock brush fires. Later in the day we had class on how to spin weather, and read it on the radio for the communications if you’re on a fire. On the 24th we met back up with fire and worked at the Double A barn, each member had a mock evaluation for our falling ability, which was a great learning tool for each of us to help show us what we could still improve on, and what we had improved on, since Colorado Fire Camp earlier in the season. On the 25th to the 27th we worked with a woman named Vicki, and built buck n’ rail fence to close off trails that atv’s had made. We were working at an old railroad track that used to use to cross the continental divide. It was a cool experience to see where a train had been pushed off the tracks by an avalanche, the crew ended this project in great spirits and took time for a photo shoot.