Week of July 13-20th


On July 13th, the crew went on a recreation trip to Arches National Park, and Canyonlands National Park. Here we hiked to Dark Angel, and several of the arches in the national park, after Arches we went to Canyonlands where we were originally going to hike the Maze after reading an article saying that it was one of the deadliest hikes in the world. However the Park employees convinced us that the middle of July wandering around canyons in the desert was a bad idea. So while switching districts of the National Park we stopped by a place to grab lunch where while playing one of the claw machines Tim won a purple elephant we promptly named Giggles and made the team mascot. On this new district we hiked ten miles to see some old paintings made by Native Americans hundreds of years ago, it looked like a turtle, and some hand prints. After a five day journey into the hearts of Utah we came back to Granby to get ready for work. The next day we saddled up with a new point of contact named Andy, with Andy we learnt how to build bridges, using chainsaws and hand tools. We built two bridges, and put a culvert in on a mountain biking trail. We were lucky to have our manager Trevor Knight arrive who helped out and having more trail building experience than any one on the crew, because we are a fire corps. Trevor lended his hands and his knowledge to help make this week with trails a great success, and proved to be an invaluable help on these projects.