Week Eight…. Groom Creek RX


Another week of prescribed fires. Monday we prep the Groom Creek area including digging line around large snags (dead trees that are still providing for wildlife) so that they wont burn and sawing an area to help contain the fire when its time to burn. This week the plan is to burn Tuesday and Thursday and to monitor the fire on Wednesday and Friday (maybe even Saturday). The prescribed for Tuesday was burned a few years ago, this is what the Forest Service refers to as a maintenance burn. We are there to protect structures from future fire by reducing the fuels load and clearing some of the understory to make room for new growth. Tuesday the VFC holds the line. Wednesday we monitored the area after the burn. Thursday is an “initial entry” burn. Their is a lot of fuels on the ground. This burn is expected to burn hot. It does but cools rather quickly. Friday the VFC preforms tool maintenance, vehicle maintenance and any other odds and ends we need to complete for the week.