Week 8 of Service


This week, Team 1 again experienced many different departments of the USFS.

Gabby again worked with the Archaeology dept, conducting site surveys and drawing maps of sites and the artifacts within. John also helped with administrative tasks within the Arch dept, as well as working alongside the SD Dep of Game, Fish, and Parks. Jerod worked with the Wildlife dept, helping conduct surveys of native SD raptors, including the monitoring of a new nest site for a ospreys. Steve also worked with the SDGFP, monitoring trout populations via electro-shocking devices to stun fish before counting. Jerod and Kip also got to work with Recreation at Castle Peak campground, installing new signs and picnic tables, as well as trimming overhanging branches above roads and campsites.

Otherwise, the crew reported to the Mystic RD fire station to remain ready for initial attack of new fires. We did not get the chance to work on any fires during this week, but only responded to a few before our resource orders were cancelled shortly after.

We have one more full week of fire service to go before we all part ways. Hoping to go out with a couple more good ones under our belts…