Week 8 – Holden Lake Thinning, Fence Building, Simulated Fire Training, Career Information & Program Manager Site Visit


The Veteran’s Fire Corps Team, Flagstaff, AZ currently finished their final week working within the Kaibab National Forest. The week began with a site visit by SCA’s Program Manager, Brian Doughty, which focused on individual interviews for team progression.

In mid-week the Forest Service held an active shooter drill inside the Williams Ranger Station as well as a federal safety briefing that included an educational lecture on Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and general safety tips while working in the field.

The week’s forestry conservation projects included livestock fence repair to assist local farmers with cattle grazing; the previous fence had been destroyed by a 2007 forest fire. Former SCA/VFC Member, Marshall Kulp (currently now a USFS Forestry Technician), lead the team in the fence repairs. Additionally, the team continued their previous hazardous fuels work on the Holden Lake Thinning Project and improved their efficiency as chainsaw sawyers.

Captain of Engine 7-11, Ryan, held a great training that improved the team’s knowledge of Type-6 and Type-3 Engines and Water Tenders. Additionally, Ryan and his engine crew created a simulated fire and taught the team progressive hose lay procedures for combating fire. Forestry member Jeff Sanocki held a great training lecture that provided Corps Members with helpful tips for online federal jobs search/application procedures with an emphasis on multiple U.S. Forest Service career paths.